Mince Pies


15 mins prep | 2 hours


Measuring bowl
Mince pie tray
Rolling pin
Round cutter a little bigger than the mince pie rounds
A star shape cutter


125g Icing Sugar
200g Ground Almonds
200g Doves Gluten free flour
270g butter (cold cubed)
1tsp salt
1 Egg for pastry
1egg yolk for painting the pastry
1.5kg mince meat
OR for normal
400g plain flour instead of almond/ GF flour


Oven on to 180c.

In a bowl weigh up:

Icing sugar/ flour/ almond/ salt.

I would (but not necessary) in a magi-mix just blitz a couple of times to get any lumps out.

Add cold cubed butter, and with hand rub together to bread crumbs. With the almonds it will become more like big clumps than what your used too.

On a surface, I put 1/3 in fridge and put 1 on work surface.

GF the surface (not almond) roll out the pastry till ½ cm thick, but remember to move the pastry around adding extra four on to the rolling pin, underneath, on top etc.. otherwise everything gets very sticky.

Make circular rounds, remembering to dip into the flour 1st so the pastry doesn’t stick and put on to the mince pie moulds.

Fill the pastry will a teaspoon of mince meat.

I put start shapes on top..

Egg wash.. oven at 180c for approx. 15mins

When they come out I sprinkle sugar or icing sugar over them.