60 Macarons | 25 mins prep | 2 hour

You can make these any flavour and colour and a really great present for Christmas.


Baking tray
Silicone baking mat
2 Large pipping bags
Pipping nozzle 1/2mm
Electric mixer
Mixing bowls x3
Gel colours
Stencil with circles


205g Icing Sugar
200g Ground Almonds
72g Egg Whites Bowl for Electric Mixer
72g Egg Whites in Large Mixing Bowl
190g Caster Sugar
60ml Water


Put the icing sugar and ground almonds into the magi-mix and pulse 12/14 times – put into a big bowl

Put the one half of the egg whites in with icing sugar/ almond mix and together to a paste.

Add which colour you want, add extra as it lightens once you have the Italian meringue goes in

In a saucepan add the water and caster sugar, bring to boil up to 110c

Put the other egg whites into the electric whisk bowl, turn on.

Once the egg whites are at 118c, take off the heat and the egg whites should be stiff… pour the sugar syrup bowl the bowl and keep the whisk going until the mixer is back to room temperature.

Add a spoon full of the egg whites in to the almond mixture and mix in, then add the rest doing figures of 8’s until it ribbons

Add to pipping bag with nozzle

Put the silicone mat on baking tray (this mix will do 4 trays)

Put the oven on to 160c

Pipe on to the tray, hold down and squeeze (I count to 4 seconds) and flick when you come up, they will expand s0 give them some space

Bash the tray on the table to get the air bubbles out

You can add sprinkles, coconut, nuts etc on the top now

Leave the tray until the macarons are not sticky developed a skin

Put into the oven for approx. 14mins, once you can lift the macarons from the silicon mat cleanly

Passion fruit butter cream:

200ml passion fruit juice – reduce to ¼

180g butter

240g icing sugar

In a bowl beat butter until pale and fluffy

Add icing sugar until mixed

Add passion fruit

Put in piping bag, cut the end and pip on to one half of the macaron and put the other on top